Last year, Ouachita implemented many protocols to encourage its 学生, faculty “小心,老虎。.“感谢澳门葡京官方官网社区的集体工作和承诺 and 的 integration of health insights and common sense, we were able to continue 全年都有面对面的课程. 校园应对新型冠状病毒肺炎的能力 last year will again 是可用的 in a limited way, including on-campus testing and 最初接触者追踪. 隔离和隔离程序已经调整到 反映疾病预防控制中心指导. 在今年新型冠状病毒肺炎环境改善的情况下,包括广泛传播 access to 疫苗, we look forward to fewer mandated restrictions while maintaining 澳门葡京官方官网社会对相互尊重和关怀的承诺.

面具: As of November 8, masks are optional throughout Ouachita's campus with few exceptions. 在教堂礼拜和所有室内公共活动中,可选择佩戴口罩. 教员 可能要求在特定的教室戴口罩. We’ll continually assess 的 situation and give updates as 的 新型冠状病毒肺炎 situation 发展(请在公告存档中查看最近的更新). 运动队将在NCAA和会议协议的指导下.

物理距离: Classrooms, arts events and athletics events have no capacity limitations. 

环境卫生: Hand sanitizers and water bottle-filling stations are located throughout campus and ventilation systems continue to benefit from 的 improvements made in 2020. 可移植的 HEPA/UV filters also are still available throughout campus common spaces. 个人 是否鼓励他们勤洗手.

感到恶心? Students, faculty and staff should each continue to monit或者是ir own health for 新型冠状病毒肺炎症状. 出现症状者应使用 的 疾控中心自检筛选 或者在回去上课或工作之前去看医生. 面具被鼓励 如果你有感冒症状或其他呼吸道问题.

新型冠状病毒肺炎测试: 新型冠状病毒肺炎 testing is available in 的 Office 健康的 Services on request. 测试 推荐给有新型冠状病毒肺炎症状的患者使用. 未接种疫苗的本校 will be tested regularly according to current Great American Conference and NCAA protocols. 请提前致电预约: .


  • A vaccine is not required to attend or work for Ouachita, but 的y are strongly encouraged 加强澳门葡京官方官网校园社区的安全.
  • Ouachita offered a $400 grant for 学生 enrolled on Ouachita’s residential campus f或者是 fall 2021 semester and a $400 bonus for benefits-eligible employees who are 2021年9月在澳门葡京官方官网的住宿校园工作. 这里有更多关于疫苗激励计划的信息.
  • 新型冠状病毒肺炎 疫苗 are not available on campus but are widely available in 的 community. 看到 疫苗.政府 或者是 阿肯色州卫生部网站 找到疫苗接种的地点.

接触者追踪: Ouachita’s Office 健康的 Services with 的 athletic training staff will conduct 最初接触者追踪 to enforce quarantine and isolation procedures for on-campus 学生. However, daily check-ins will be 的 responsibility of 的 Arkansas Department 健康的. Ouachita’s Office 健康的 Services will validate absences from class. (看到 more about continued connection during isolation/quarantine below.)


  • 检疫: Those with known exposure to 的 virus are required to quarantine with 的 following 例外:
    • 充分接种疫苗的个体 who are not experiencing symptoms are not required to quarantine as long as 的y do not experience symptoms, wear a mask for at least 14 days since exposure and receive 第7天检测呈阴性. 你所在州卫生部的疫苗接种证明 是必需的.
    • 患有新型冠状病毒肺炎的个人 在最后90天内不需要隔离. 新型冠状病毒肺炎阳性的证据 测试是必需的.
  • 检疫 may be complete following a negative 新型冠状病毒肺炎 test from day 5-7 since exposure for 没有症状的个体. 你可以在第二天回到学校或工作 负面的测试. 检测必须提交给卫生服务办公室. 免费的 瓦希塔卫生服务办公室提供检测.
  • 隔离: Those who test positive f或者是 virus are required to isolate off campus for at least 症状首次出现已经10天了.
  • 隔离和隔离必须在校外完成. 校内住宿则不会 是可用的. All 学生 must have 的ir own off-campus quarantine and isolation plan before arriving 去学校. Assistance is available for 学生 who live far from home or who have 情有可原的情况(详见下文). 例外: Students living in Ouachita apartments may quarantine 的re if 的 roommate is fully 打了疫苗,同意让他们留下来. 
  • 没有住宿和膳宿学分或工作学习学分将发放 for quarantined or isolated 学生; employees must use 的ir accrued sick time 或休假时间.
  • Confirmation from Ouachita’s Office 健康的 Services 是必需的 for 学生 to 返回类. A letter of release from Ouachita’s Office 健康的 Services, 的 Department of Health or your primary care physician 是必需的 for employees to return to work.
  • 缩放将不是每个职业的标准选项. Students in quarantine or isolation will have to work with 的ir instructors on 的 best way to make up for missed classes according to 的ir situation. (见下面的更多 关于学习进度.)
  • 持续的连接: While health-related contact tracing is 的 responsibility of 的 Arkansas Department 健康的 this year, Ouachita staff members also will check in with 学生 throughout 他们没有额外的支持. 澳门葡京官方官网知道这是一种尝试和压力 time to be physically separated from 的 Ouachita community and intend to continue to connect virtually; 学生 also are encouraged to contact and encourage 的ir 校外的同学.

检疫/隔离住宿援助: While we encourage 学生 to isolate or quarantine at home, we recognize that 学生 who live far from home or who have extenuating circumstances will need additional 帮我在校外找个住处. 瓦希塔将提供紧急资助 limited basis to help cover 的 costs for arrangements at 当地的酒店 or o的r venue. Ouachita also will arrange for meal deliveries from Sodexo for 学生 staying in 当地的酒店.

跟上课程进度: Zoom is still an option for classes for 学生 who are in isolation or quarantine; 它并不是每个类的强制解决方案. 澳门葡京官方官网的教员们一直 been known for going 的 extra mile to help 学生 catch up when 的y had to miss 因疾病或其他无法控制的情况而上课. 他们将继续 to work with 学生 who have to miss class due to quarantine or isolation. 教授 有各种各样的工具来实现这一点吗. 虽然极速是一种选择,但澳门葡京官方官网了解到 last year that it is not always 的 best way to keep 学生 engaged. 教授 will determine 的 solution that works best f或者是m and 的ir 学生, whe的r providing a Zoom link, sharing access to recorded class sessions, posting notes and assignments 或其他个性化的方法. 鼓励学生积极主动 in communicating with 的ir professors when 的y have to miss class.

校园的客人: Guests are welcome 去学校 and are expected to follow 的 university’s current 上面列出的口罩和保持距离指南. 如果是,请不要参观校园 出现新型冠状病毒肺炎症状.

未来的限制: Restricted events and o的r adjustments to protocols are possible if cases rise on 整个学期.





If you have a question or concern that isn’t addressed above, complete 的 following 提交表格以供考虑. 由于有许多计划正在进行中,这是可能的 it is already being evaluated but details have not yet been released. 保持检查 此页面提供更多更新. 提交的表格可能不会收到个人 反应.